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MOT and vehicle care

Dorset Highways Fleet Services offer a range of vehicle maintenance and MOTs.

What we offer

  • MOT's - motorcycles, cars, vans, mobile homes and minibuses

  • repairs and maintenance

  • servicing

  • welding and fabrications

  • commercial, PSV and light vehicle (cars) MOT preparation

  • state of art diagnostics

  • scheduled inspection service

  • VOSA compliance including inspections etc

  • commercial vehicle wash

Our highly trained staff are able to deal with any problem they encounter and provide a fast and friendly service to our numerous clients. Any aspect of your repair or service can be discussed and a fully detailed quotation supplied in advance of any work commencing.


ServiceVehicle type and cost

Vehicle MOT's

Class 1 and 2 (Motorbikes) £20
Class 4 (Cars and motorhomes under 6 metres) £40
Class 4 (Cars and motorhomes over 6 metres) £54.85
Class 5 and 7 (Minibuses) £50
Class 5 (Bus, 13 to 16 seats) £59.55
Class 5 (Bus, more than 16 seats) - £80.65

per MOT

Vehicle repairs & maintenance 

£59 per hour, not including parts cost which is extra

Vehicle servicing

£59 per hour, not including parts cost which is extra

Vehicle fabrication

£59  per hour, not including parts cost which is extra

Vehicle inspections

£59 per hour, unless signed up to minibus inspection scheme
Minibus inspection scheme for schools and academies£346 under an annual service level agreement

Opening Hours

Our opening hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday - 7am - 3.30pm
  • Friday - 8am - 1pm

Booking our services

If you wish to enquire about our service or book an MOT, please contact Fleet Services

We recommend allowing one week's notice when booking an MOT to make sure we can find you a suitable slot.

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