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Scaffold licence

You must use a builder or scaffolding contractor to put up scaffolding on the highway.

On the highway

It's the responsibility of the builder or scaffolding company to get a licence for any scaffolding they put up on the highway (this includes the pavement). The cost of the licence should be included in the scaffolding hire fee.

The scaffolding company are required to meet the terms and conditions set down in the licence by Dorset Highways. It's your responsibility to check they have the licence and that it doesn't run out before the building work is finished.

On private land

You don't need a licence for scaffolding on private land.

Other licences

If your scaffolding will affect parking restrictions or if temporary traffic lights are required to allow safe passage for vehicles past the obstruction, you will need to apply for separate licences as well.

Apply and pay online - contractors only

New licences - £67

Licence renewals - £33

The licence is valid for 28 days. An additional charge of £67 will be made if equipment is not removed before the licence expires. 

Applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the scaffolding is due to be erected. 

Apply for a licence


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