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Road, pavement, structure and vegetation maintenance

Road and pavement, bridges, verges, tree and vegetation maintenance information

What is a public highway? 

A public highway includes any route over which the public has right of way, including:

  • verges
  • pavements
  • roads and bridleways
  • public footpaths

Private and unadopted roads

A private or unadopted road is any route that is not looked after by the council. It can be a track leading to a farm, a residential road or a route built by a third party.

Maintenance of private roads is usually the responsibility of the owner(s). This may be:

  • the residents of a road who each own the part in front of their house
  • a third party - usually a developer

Council maintainable routes

We look after most publicly maintainable roads in Dorset as the highway authority. The exception is Trunk roads.

The  Highways Act 1980 (opens in a new window) sets out what constitutes a highway maintainable at public expense. It also describes how routes can be added to the network by being adopted by the highway authority.

Road maintenance

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Bridges and structures

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Maintenance of bridges and other structures in Dorset


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Maintenance of verges, trees and hedges in Dorset.

Drains and covers

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