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Road maintenance

How Dorset Highways maintains its roads and pavements.

Dorset Highways are responsible for maintenance to public highways and footpaths in Dorset. We carry out regular inspections of roads and pavements to ensure they remain in a safe and usable condition. We aim to identify faults and repair them quickly to ensure they don't progress into a more serious issue.

Every fault (or defect) is inspected and repaired within set timescales.

Road treatment options

Read more about Road treatment options
Our early life treatment aims to prolong the life of our roads and prevent defects from forming.

Surface dressing

Read more about Surface dressing
Surface dressing is a preventative treatment - much like applying paint to a wooden window frame - to prolong the life of the roads.

Road resurfacing

Read more about Road resurfacing
Resurfacing repairs the structural failure in the lower layers of the road as well as the surface, restoring shape and strength.

Management and performance

Read more about Management and performance
Information on the county council's strategic approach to managing its highways infrastructure.

Pothole repairs

Read more about Pothole repairs
Dorset Highways fix around 20,000 potholes every year. Find out more about how we repair them.

Dorset Road Fix

Read more about Dorset Road Fix
Dorset County Council will be investing £15m in its highway network in 2017/18 in order to keep Dorset moving.

Report and track road issues and enquiries

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