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Bridges, tunnels, subways and other structures on the highway

Maintenance of bridges and other structures in Dorset

Bridges, retaining walls, fences and structures

Dorset Highways are responsible for managing the maintenance of the majority of highway structures on the roads of Dorset.

  • Over 845 bridges (those structures over 1.5 metres span)

  • 274 small culverts (between 0.9 and 1.5 metres span)

  • 134 retaining walls

  • One tunnel (in Beaminster)

  • More than 150 other structures such as large rights of way bridges

The maintenance of highway structures can be defined as all operations necessary to maintain a bridge in a serviceable condition. This includes, regular inspections, maintenance, upgrading work, management of substandard bridges prior to upgrading and replacement.

Cattle grids

Dorset Highways are responsible for cattle grid maintenance in the Dorset County Council area.

Report a problem with a bridge, tunnel, subway or other structure

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