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C68 Uploders, Bridport

Uploders C68 land slip

The C68 in Uploders will be realigned in 2018, allowing the road to be reopened.

The most cost effective solution is to realign the road rather than to protect and reinforce the overly steep slope next to the road, the toe of which is being eroded by the river.

The work will cost around £175,000.

Latest news - 19 December 2017

Work will start on Monday 22 January 2018. Initial works will include:

  • setting up welfare facilities
  • clearing vegetation
  • removing sections of the existing dry-stone wall along the edge of the existing road
  • building new sections of retaining wall

Following on from this, starting in April 2018 work will include:

  • carrying out earthworks in the field to the south of the existing road (to shape a route for the new section of road)
  • building a new section of road
  • landscaping works

Subject to weather conditions, the road will reopen in early summer 2018. 


On 8 February 2016 a driveway next to the C68 collapsed, meaning the road had to be closed as a precaution.

While surveying the road to establish what repairs would be needed, engineers discovered a further length of the verge was in imminent danger of 'slipping' - further reducing the structural integrity of the road.

The C68 has remained closed due to the evidence of progressive damage next to the road, on the slope down to the river. Erosion of the 'toe' of the slope by the river is the most likely cause and is a long-term problem along this length of road.

Options considered

Rather than try to fight the natural process of river erosion, with an extensive riverside retaining wall at the bottom of the slope and then stabilisation of the slope above to support the road, engineers have looked into moving the road away from the problem slope.

This is a simpler solution that is less expensive to build and will have lower long-term maintenance costs. Thanks to support from the local landowner, this is the design that is being progressed.

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