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Verges, trees and hedges

Dorset Countryside Verge trials sign

Maintenance of verges, trees and hedges in Dorset.

Conservation verge trials

Dorset County Council is running Conservation Verge Trials which aim to improve the biodiversity in our verges and reduce the need for seasonal cutting.

Find out about the verge trials

Verge maintenance 

Verges at the side of 'urban roads' will be cut seven times a year in order to maintain safety for all road users. Verges at the side of rural roads will still be cut, albeit less frequently than they have been historically.

Members of the public should understand that it is dangerous to maintain verges, and should avoid doing it themselves. However, if groups are interested in performing maintenance tasks in their communities, then they should contact Dorset County Council.

Find out more about grass cutting in Dorset.

Hedge and bush maintenance

It is the responsibility of an owner or occupier of private land or property to ensure that frontage hedges, or other vegetation, do not overhang or protrude onto the highway or footpath and restrict passage of pedestrians or vehicles.

Hedges should be cut back to the boundary, or vertically above the rear of a footpath to a height of 2.2m.

Tree maintenance

Trees should be cut back to at least 0.5m behind the kerb line, to a clear height of 5.2m above the carriageway on minor roads, and 6.6m on main roads.

The county council is only responsible for maintaining trees (or hedges) that have been officially adopted or purchased for highway improvements.

Find out more about tree management.

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