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Weymouth Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) 2017

Weymouth and Portland Borough Council are considering a PSPO in specific areas in the borough.

Weymouth and Portland consultation

Under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council is proposing to put in place a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in relation to anti-social behaviour, and are proposing this covers:

  • alcohol related anti-social behaviour
  • begging related anti-social behaviour
  • the feeding of gulls
  • cycling restrictions

Designated Public Place Orders

The Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 allowed councils to designate an area where it was satisfied that a nuisance, associated with drinking alcohol, was being caused to the public in that area. These are called Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs). The effect of a DPPO is that it is an offence if a person fails to comply with a request from an authorised person (e.g. a police officer) to stop drinking any intoxicating liquor and/or fails to hand over to that officer any containers of such liquor in the designated area.

From October 2017 all DPPOs currently in place in Weymouth and Portland will become PSPOs. PSPOs will be enforceable by a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £100. However, we wish to consult the public on potential changes to the content of the PSPO and the spaces the order will relate to.

Thank you for having your say

Thank you to residents, visitors and businesses who gave their views about potential changes to the content of the PSPO and the spaces the order will relate to during the consultation in autumn 2017. We are considering those views now and councillors will take them into account. The results will be used to guide councillors' decision making for PSPOs relating to anti-social behaviour across the borough. Results will be published on the council's website. We are required to consult on the content of PSPOs every three years.

Documents and maps of proposed areas

See information on the current Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs). (pdf, 170kb) (opens in a new window)



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